At Accurate Court Reporting we offer the following services:

  • Remote Video Conference Depositions Via the HIPAA-Compliant Version of Zoom
  • Online Scheduling (click here to schedule)
  • Nationwide Referral  (click here to request a referral for a reporter anywhere in the U. S. or beyond!)
  • Electronic-only delivery offered at reduced page rate!
  • Realtime, expedited, daily copy, rough draft
  • Condensed and key-word index provided with all transcripts at no extra charge
  • PDF and page-image ASCII provided with all transcripts at no extra charge
  • Additional electronic formats available at no additional charge: E-transcript, Lawbridge, Caseview, Livenote, Summation, Amicus, DiscoveryZX, Catlinks, Basis and Microtext
  • Videographer (all transcripts will be provided with timestamping and can be synchronized)
  • Document scanning
  • Bates-stamping
  • Timestamping
  • Audiotape/CD/DVD transcription
  • Itemized invoices – we give you a full breakdown of our charges on every invoice.